Pithoragarh Wildlife

पिथौरागढ़ संस्कृति और विरासत

A heaven for wildlife lovers and botany enthusiast, Askot sanctuary is adorned with wide range of flora and fauna. Located at the height of 5412 m and at a distance of 54 km from Pithoragarh, this place is bounded by rich and gorgeous surroundings. One can witness vivid kinds of animals like chirs, pheasants, koklas, bharals, Himalayan black bear, chukors, snow leopards and musk deers etc.

Asokte - Also known as the ancient kingdom of Katyuri dynasty, Askot is famous for the Askot Wildlife Sanctuary that was established for the conservation of musk deer. The name is derived from Asi-Kot, which literally means 80 forts which are still visible and is surrounded by tall trees and waterfalls.

Darma Valley

A lesser-known valley, the picturesque Darma Valley (or Darma Ganga Valley) is nestled between two other valleys, namely the Kuthi Yangti Valley in the east and Lassar Yangti Valley in the west.


Narayan Aashram